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Combining Art with Live Performance is an integral aspect of Friday Nights.

We have been privileged to exhibit the following local and international artists, including the announcement of our roster for the 2018 season.

Constantin Luser 

Ona B

Nora Drumova & Andreas Budak

Saleh Rozati

Ulla Rauter

Osama Zatar

Marina Miliou-Theocharaki

Nikolaj Lund 

Laura Baena Espinos Laura_San_Roman

Bojana Stamenkovic

Xenia Ostrovskaya

Anna Vidyaykina

Ioanna Kafida

Hans Werner

Simona Atzori 

Yury Revich in front of Klimt's "Der Kuss" in Belvedere

Drafted live by El Jerrino in the Musikverein during the performance. A camera was placed behind him ihm which projected the appearance live to the audience.

Constantin Luser's Installation of trumpets in Belvedere

Constantin Luser

Exhibition during "Freedom of Expression" in the Semperdepot

Exhibition on the Gallery of the Semperdepot

live - Paintings with piano accompaniment in the "Altes Rathaus"

live performance in ´the Megaron in Athens, Greece



As the youngest form of the Arts, fashion offers the possibility for a uniquely human proximity in its creativity and expression. Fashion is showcased prominently in every season of Friday Nights, including in collaboration with the following designers.

Juergen Christian Hoerl

Karl Michael

Alwa Petroni


Tiberius Vienna

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