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A new multi-sensory dimension of the experience of Friday Nights, curated by Reinhard Pohorec.


We debuted MYSENSORY at the 2017 UNICEF Benefit-Gala. Mr. Pohorec specially created a fragrance for the concert, which was sprayed onto roses and distributed to the audience during the final piece in the program.


Mr. Pohorec is a multiple award-winning designer of taste and smell, including the following titles:


World Class Bartender, Austria

World’s youngest, and Austria’s first-ever Cognac Educator of the BNIC

World’s youngest Sherry Educator of the Consejo Regulador in Jerez

Certified Advisor of Spirits

Mixology Newcomer of the Year 

Sake sommelier

Most innovative bartender, Falstaff magazine 


He tours international festivals, works as a consultant for addresses in Zurich, in the Arlberg, and in London, and as a brand-ambassador for some of the finest spirits-manufacturers.


More information about Reinhard Pohorec:

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