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Paul Badura-Skoda

At the beginning of his career he won the Austrian music competition in 1947. His teacher was Edwin Fischer. Since 1949 he has performed with important conductors such as Wilhelm Furtwängler and Herbert von Karajan. An international career followed, but he also worked as a professor for several generations of piano students.

     The focus of his extensive repertoire (he has made more than 200 recordings) are works by Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert.

Also rather unusual for a pianist of his rank is his early turn to historical performance practice. His complete recordings of the piano sonatas by Mozart and Schubert on historical grand pianos on the Astree label became famous.

Paul Badura-Skoda appeared - partly with his wife Eva Badura-Skoda - as a music writer and editor of editions of works. He is an honorary doctor of the University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim. He also wrote cadenzas for Mozart piano concertos.

     On October 15, 2017, Badura-Skoda gave a completely sold-out concert on the occasion of his recently celebrated 90th birthday in the Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein.

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Paul Badura-Skoda
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Paul Badura - Skoda

Aleksey Igudesman and his family emigrated to Germany at the age of six. At the age of 12  he was accepted at the Yehudi Menuhin School (UK). From 1989 to 1998 he studied violin with Boris Kuschnir at the Vienna Conservatory.

     Aleksey Igudesman's musical oeuvre has been published by Universal Edition and includes a broad repertoire of violin duets, violin sonatas and violin teaching schools. In 2009 and 2010 Igudesman published his first three violin sonatas, two of which he wrote to violinists Julian Rachlin and  Viktoria Mullova dedicated.  In Violins of the World, his violin duets are performed by Gidon Kremer, Julian Rachlin, Janine Jansen and Alexandra Soumm and his poems are performed by Roger Moore.

     Aleksey Igudesman's compositions have been performed by several orchestras. Underneath  Kremerata Baltica,  Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, Virtuosi Italiani,  Tonkünstler Orchestra,  Belgrade Symphony Orchestra He was often a guest conductor. 
     Furthermore  he composed and arranged film music for several television and Hollywood film productions. In collaboration with Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, he arranged film music for Hollywood productions  The way to El Dorado  and  Sherlock Holmes, who was nominated for an Oscar 2010 (film music).

     Igudesman appears with the English-Korean pianist Hyung-ki Joo on his show "Igudesman & Joo - A Little Nightmare Music". 

Aleksey Igudesman
Aleksey Igudesman
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Dominik Wagner

was born in Vienna in 1997 and began his musical training there at the age of 5, initially as a cellist and from 2007 as a double bass player. From 2009 to 2015 he had lessons at the Vienna University of Music with Prof. Josef Niederhammer and Mag. Werner Fleischmann. He is currently studying with Prof. Dorin Marc at the Nuremberg University of Music.

     In 2017, Dominik was awarded the ECHO Klassik Prize as a young artist. In 2017 he also won the Int. Bradetich Competition, during which he will record a solo CD in 2018 and play concerts in Carnegie Hall, among others. He is also a winner of competitions  such as the ARD music competition, the Eurovision Young Musicians competition, the Concorso di Bottesini, the Bass 2016 Prague competition, the Int. Instrumental competition Markneukirchen, the Int. Bodensee competition, the Int. JM Sperger competition, the Int. Osaka Competition and the Int. Golden Bass competition.

      As a soloist he has performed with the symphony orchestra of the  Bavarian radio, the WDR symphony orchestra, the Munich  Chamber Orchestra, the Southwest German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim,  the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Jena Philharmonic and the  Rhenish Philharmonic in Koblenz.   

      Dominik is a scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation and a member of  Mother's virtuoso.

Dominik Wagner
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The list of outstanding soloists we have been honored to share with is long. Each individual contributed to a truly unique evening.

Our Soloist in Residence in 2018 is Wen Liu.

Yury Revich

Elena Revich  

Paul Badura-Skoda

Sumi Jo

Ute Lemper

Pixie Lott

Aleksey Igudesman
Sona MacDonald

Angelika Kirchschlager

Ferhan & Ferzan Önder

Bartolomey Bittmann

Kotaro Fukuma

Johanna Doderer

Solenne Paidassi

Olga Filippova

Sabine Weyer

Nikola Djoric

Nareh Arghamanyan  

Donka Angacheva

Levon Avagyan

Sergei Nevsky

Orazio Sciotrino

Jinwook Jung

Dora Delysska

ARCIS Saxophone Quartet

Marie Spaemann

Dianne Baar

Johann Blanchard

Simone di Crescenzo 

Yuliya Draganova

Marten Pankow

Werner Zangerle

Stephanie Ko

Chizu Miyamoto

Ljuba Kalmykova

Nadja Kalmykova

Una Stanic

Vira Zhuk

Ririko Noborisaka

Kana Kawashima

Masami Morimoto

Aleksandra Bucholc

Anna Magdalena Kokits

Arabella Fenyves

Hans Zinkl  

Olga SCHE  


Dominik Wagner

Levon Avagyan

Dora Deliyska

Alexandra Yangel

Paul Schweinester

Dalia Dedinskaite

Gleb Pyšniak

Ole Christian Haagenrud

Matea Leko

Constantine Manae  

Frederic Vaysse-Knitter

Matthias Bartolomey  

Clemens Zeilinger

Quatour Du Soleil

Piotr Koscik

Pina Napolitano

Brendan Goh

Project MELA by Marie Spaemann


Jean Philippe Viol

Viktor Bori

Saleh Rozat

Simon Plötzeneder

Daniel Wildner

Joe adventure

Matthias Elender

The MySounds Ensemble

The MySounds Ensemble is directed by Yury Revich and is comprised by young, talented musicians.

The ensemble performs at the Friday Nights eand externally at events in Austria and as well abroad. 


Nadja Kalmykova 

Una Stanic 

Vira Zhuk

Ririko Noborisaka

Aleksandra Bucholc

Greta Shekmazian

Roman Rovenkov



Ljuba Kalmykova

Hiroki Yamashita


Loukia Loulaki

Urh Mrak 


Double Bass 

Vitaliy Lutsyk

Damián Posse



Olga Filippova

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