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Hanuschgasse 3, 1010 Wien

Doors open 19:30



Landstraßer Hauptstraße 140/142, 1030 Wien






Immersive performance creates a dialog of music, visual art, theater, dance, and fashion.


The museum transforms into the stage, where the audience becomes part of the performance. 

The floor plan:


Hear: Hearing, Atrium 

Feel: The Melting World, Plateau 1

See: La Muse and La Mode, Plateau 2 


The immersive sound installation „Everything we see could also be otherwise“ by artist duo AROTIN & SERGHEI, develops Ludwig Wittgenstein’s sentence and opens the viewer’s space to the infinite. It combines the themes and places of the exhibition and the festival.

1.10.2023 Sunday THE CONCERT OF ARTS (Opening Night)



Yury Revich and Project OLARIO

Mariko Hara (Viola)

Basha Slavinska (Accordion)

Simone Sgarbanti (Piano)

Manaho Shimokawa (Dance)

Martin Tardy (Live-Painting)

Julian Rehrl (Theater)

Andro and Keta Bart, Daria Bereziuk (La Muse and La Mode: Concept, Art Direction, Set Design)

Godwin Merano and Nora Einwaller (Performance)

and Special Guests


Music: Bach, Sarasate, Revich, and others.

3.10.2023 Tuesday THE CONCERT OF ARTS



Yury Revich and Project OLARIO

Philipp Hochmair (Theater)

Markus Freistätter (Theater)

Mariko Hara (Viola)

Basha Slavinska (Accordion)

Adèle Clermont (Soprano)

Manaho Shimokawa and Cat Jimenez (Dance)

Martin Tardy (Live-Painting)

Andro and Keta Bart, Daria Bereziuk (La Muse and La Mode: Concept, Art Direction, Set Design)

Music: Paganini, Vivaldi, Revich, and others.

6.10.2023 Friday THE CONCERT OF ARTS

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Yury Revich and Project OLARIO

Mariko Hara (Viola)

Basha Slavinska (Accordion

Anton Gerzenberg (Piano)

Cat Jimenez​​ (Dance)

Aleksandra Cwen (Theatre)

Martin Tardy (Live-Painting)

Andro and Keta Bart, Daria Bereziuk (La Muse and La Mode: Concept, Art Direction, Set Design)

Shalva Nikvashvili (Performance)

Music: Beethoven, Gershwin-Frolov, Revich, and others.



7.10.2023, Saturday




Tickets: HERE

with Yury Revich

Gedeon Burkhard

Sunnyi Melles 

Cesar Sampson

Valerie Huber

Helge Payer

…and others



Free entry

Opening hours: 19:30-23:00

30.9.2023, 17:00

Talk with Mirosław Balka, Marie-Ève Lafontaine and Ory Dessau

30.9.2023, 19:30 

Vernissage (by invitation only)

7.10.2023, 17:00

Talk with Amos Gitaï and Ory Dessau.


Allora & Calzadilla 

Mirosław Bałka

 Marianne Berenhaut

 Agnieszka Brzeżańska 

Ira Eduardovna 

Michel François

Lior Gal, 

Amos Gitaï

 Douglas Gordon

 Danielle Kaganov 

Sharon Lockhart

Efrat Natan

 Shirin Neshat

 Samir Odeh-Tamimi 

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Nira Pereg

 Buky Schwartz 

Miri Segal

Peter Welz 

Taking its place as part of the first Festival Nights with Yury Revich edition in Vienna, the presentation Bet Alpha is an array of video installations and spatial screenings occupying the Villa Mautner-Jӓger over the course of one week as a sort of an urban storm or a provisional fairground. Borrowing its title from the name of Kibbutz Bet Alpha, the presentation revolves around the idea of 'exhibition as place,’ amounting to an experience of both a concrete and abstract locale. The title points to a primary state of things (in Hebrew ‘Bet Alpha’ stands for The House of Alpha) as well as a disruptive framework (when read as the inversion of the term Alphabet).


Bet Alpha seeks to transform a given architecture into a sequence of screened spaces. Through the use of projections and screenings it partly veils the physical reality of its venue, but also brings forth the question of accessing historical-social reality as an open, elusive one. Oscillating between documentary representation and elaborated fantasy, fiction, and optical illusion, Bet Alpha is dotted by the display of the 1963 documentary film by Pier Paolo Pasolini Location Hunting in Palestine(Sopralloughi in Palestina) created during the legendary filmmaker’s preparations for his seminal 1964 film The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo).


Unfolding a wide range of projected entities in space, from cinema to video, to recorded performance, the presentation includes works by twenty artists of different backgrounds. Moving between the spaces Bet Alpha becomes a sort of film in itself edited and re-edited irregularly in accordance to the contingent movement of the viewers in real time. It shifts back and forth between the real and the imaginary, the material and the virtual, through different forms of projection and display, as well as a few sculptural interventions. Representing the fully material pole of Bet Alpha the sculptural interventions anchor the presentation within a physical ground which is abandoned and rediscovered time and again. 


Bet Alpha amounts to an experience converting Villa Mautner-Jӓger into a haven, an enclave severed from its surrounding, from the urban, communal fabric in which it is imbued. It treats its venue as a site of day-dreaming, as a launch pad towards events and situations transcending the historical present; the commonly established, or rather, the ideologically hegemonic, everyday reality.


Organized in collaboration with the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation and curated by Ory Dessau.

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