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"Friday Nights with Yury Revich” was founded by Yury Revich (Music Director) and Mia Papaefthimiou (Art Director).

The aim of our project is the development of a new event format, combining a traditional classical music concert and an informal crossover concert, incorporating multiple media and focuses:

the "Concert of Arts"


Our grounding concept is a synergistic and dialogical collaboration between music, art, applied arts, theater, dance, and fashion, with the aim of opening-up new perspectives—listening to art and seeing music.


“Friday Nights with Yury Revich” is the flagship project of MY ARTS, a registered non-profit association for cultural support, promoting and networking young creative potential across multiple disciplines and platforms at the local and international levels.


Gala for UNICEF - Hotel Intercontinental


The 2020 Season 

5 Concerts of Arts  -  5 Locations

With the kind support of Eric Freymond


Benefizgala for UNICEF Austria


Theater Odeon, Vienna

25. February 2020, 20:00 (Entrance: 19:15)









Fasching - Stars dress up

Stars dress up for the good cause. Creating DREAMLAND for the children in need with all possible tools.


Yury Revich – violine
Christiane und Maresa Hörbiger – theater

Sunnyi Melles – theater

Andrea Jonasson – theater

Johannes Zirner – theater

James Cottriall – pop-voval
Sona MacDonald – voval

Ethel Merhaut – vocal

Brendan Goh – cello

Liudmila Konovalova – dance

Maria Yakovleva – dance

Jakob Feyferlik – dance

Eno Peci – dance

Igor Zapravdin – piano

Yuliya Draganova – piano

Judymay Murphy – inspirational poetry 

Benoît Bénichou - visuals

2. Music and Arts Salon of Our Times


Palais Schönborn-Batthyány, Renngasse 4, 1010 Wien

13. March 2020







Live compocition of the music piece.

Revolutionary concept


Audience is part of the composing process.

Audience  is part of creating a drink.

Audience is being intrigued by the perfume which will be created as well!


All this will happen in front of audience in one of the rooms, while other rooms will offer music and entertainment!


Try not to miss a thing!              

Yury Revich – violin

Andrea Jonasson – theater

Tracy Michailidis - vocal

Daniel Große Boymann - piano

Wen Liu - live compositions

Hubert Lengdorfer – presentation von miniature houses

Alon Sariel - mandoline 

Nikolaas von Schrader - theater

Gioia Osthoff - theater (Theater an der Josefstadt)

Martin Leutgeb - theater

MATIJA - music band

Yuliya Draganova -  piano 

Peter Fasslächer - card tricks   

Benoît Bénichou - visuals


Gala for UNICEF Italy


Location: Rome; tba

25 May 2020











Yury Revich – violin

Sumi Jo - soprano

Jack Savoretti - vocal 

Yuliya Draganova - piano

Arotin & Serghei - art

Benoît Bénichou - visuals

Sébastien Gaudard - pastry creations

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4. Extravaganza

Kunsthalle Vienna
June 2020





Heino meets classic. Actors meet dancers.

Eating food with all five senses - smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting and touching it in ways you've never dreamt before


A multi-sensory experience of total extravagance. You will enjoy a dinner and the performance, bringing all five of your senses to thei climax.


Yury Revich – violin

HEINO - vocal

Elli Papadiamanti - vocal 

Ethel Merhaut - vocal 

Benedict Klöckner  - cello

Anna-Barbara Aumüller  - fashion

Silvere Jarrosson  - live- painting / dance

Donka Angatscheva – piano

Yuliya Draganova - piano

Benoît Bénichou - visuals

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5. The melting World

Climate Change Awareness 



Location: Atelierhouse of the Academy of fine arts (former Semper Depot), 1060 Vienna, Lehargasse 8, Prospekthof Tor: 2  
11. September 2020

20.00 (Entrance 19:30)






We are * sold out *!

Thank you for the trust and the great interest in our event.

If available, remaining tickets will be sold in the week before the concert. Please send a mail to if you are interested in these tickets. We will then take this into account on the waiting list.


Friday Nights Team


Recycling in music - ideas and sketches of musical themes, that were not used (10-15Mins)
Yury Revich will compose a piece, reusing music written by famous composers, that did not make it into their masterpieces but had been "discarded". This will be the highlight of the event - creating something unique and beautiful especially for the concert show. The process of breathing new life into "abandoned" musical material will demonstrate that value is a quality attached to art and objects by us people and thus will inspire the audience to redefine and redeem the value of art and everyday objects in their lives.

The rest of the program will revolve around the different forms of nature in our lives. Vocal and instrumental works will create a vision of the beautiful natural world, which is our collective responsibility and is to be preserved will all our mutual efforts. There will be vocal works and instrumental works. A special tribute to the Beethoven anniversary year and the composer's famous love for nature will be a string sextet performance of part from his Symphony Nr. 6, F-Dur, "Pastorale".

Digital artworks by Benoit Benichou will illustrate the whole venue and all performances during the show, creating an immersive experience and transporting the main message of the night - sustainability and recycling are our chances in helping this melting world.

This event takes place in cooperation with MA48, Austrian World Summit, UNICEF Austria and Bösendorfer.

2- Euro from each entry ticket will be donated to UNICEF Austria.



Yury Revich – violin

Michael Maertens - Burgtheater star

Florian Teichtmeister - Burgtheater and TV-star

Valentina Nafornita - State opera star

Getrud Roll - „Vorstadtweiber" star

Markus Freistaetter - actor

Sara Domjanić - violin

Nathan Trent - Eurovisions Song Contest star

Claudius von Stolzmann - theatre at Josefstadt and TV-star

Kimberly Rydell - singer, film- and TV

Ian Fisher - American song writer, theatre at Josefstadt

Yuliya Draganova - piano

Lars Schwander - compositions

Florian Amort - research

Benoit Benichou - visuals

MY Sounds Ensemble

and others...

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