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"Friday Nights with Yury Revich” was founded by Yury Revich and his team.

The aim of our project is the development of a new event format, combining a traditional classical music concert and an informal crossover concert, incorporating multiple media and focuses:

the "Concert of Arts"


Our grounding concept is a synergistic and dialogical collaboration between music, art, applied arts, theater, dance, sensory experience and fashion, with the aim of opening-up new perspectives—listening to art and seeing music.


“Friday Nights with Yury Revich” is the flagship project of MY ARTS, a registered non-profit association for cultural support, promoting and networking young creative potential across multiple disciplines and platforms at the local and international levels.


Gallerie Slideshow

"The Kiss" - Belvedere

Saison 2018

The 2022 Season 

1. "To Hear"

We are exploring natural phenomena of hearing, sound, music, music of words, and music of nature



Ehrbar Saal, Mühlgasse 8, 1040 Wien 
10. June 2022

7.30 p.m.







Music and Reading by Ukrainian, Austrian, and other European composers and writers.



Yury Revich - violin and composition

Mercedes Echerer - actress

Joseph Lorenz - actor

Davide Dato - dance

Arabel Karajan feat. Skiller - Beatbox

SATAO - Indie

Wladimir Borodin - piano

2.  The melting World

Vol. 3

Climate Change Awareness 


Location: Atelierhouse of the Academy of fine arts (former Semper Depot), 1060 Vienna, Lehargasse 8, Prospekthof Tor: 2  
16. September 2022

07.30 p.m. 





Polluted oceans, polluted air:
The climate crisis affects us very personally because if we do not stop the negative spiral, we will be confronted with ever-faster sea levels, floods, extreme heat waves, and fire disasters in the future.

Art, too, can and must sensitize society to this - and at the same time, think about limited resources and recycling in its area.

This concert brings a diverse artistic approach to climate protection, sensitizes the audience to these topics, and wakes people up.

Nature inspired Music and Readings by international authors and composers.




Yury Revich – violin and compositionen

Pixie Lott - vocals

Sona MacDonald - actress

Cornelius Obonya - actor

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